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2016-02-09 17:33:01 by Alvc57

Hi there Newgrounds, Ok, to be serious;

Thanks for all your support Followers, Watchers, Subscribers, to everybody thanks for your likes, ratings, and comments. You all made me a Sprite Animator that frequently improved myself.

This post is to notify, that I´m leaving (for now, not forever) the Flash Animations, I´ll still always upload some art if I have some free time. Now like the other people on the world, I´m entering on a new road in my life, some years of bachelorship, then the university.

I´ll be back. Thanks for all your support;

People of YouTube, DeviantArt, Newgrounds. - Alvc57


(Obviously, is a YouTube link!!!).



2016-01-08 11:22:02 by Alvc57

The episode 4 is now available in DeviantArt with the new fixes.

Here is the link, enjoy:

Coming Soon To:



NOTE: I don´t own all the sprites nor music in this movie.


Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Eggman etc: SEGA, Sonic Team

Demon Sonic: supershadow124

Aeon: BlackDevilX

Seelkadoom: MidNightMaren


You can enjoy the episode fixed with no bugs, right here on Newgrounds!

Enjoy, comment and give me thumbs up!


2015-10-02 22:51:25 by Alvc57

If you really thinked that the Formed Enemies Project has just cancelled off, you need to see the first screenshots of the Episode 4 of the series:

This screenshots have been taken from Flash 8, (Yes, 10 years later of its launchment and I still using Flash 8), I even can make a GIF of the project screenshots but it will not to be available to upload to Facebook.

And about Episode 4, I don´t have an exact release date, I don´t want to give us false hopes like the Teaser Trailer in 2013, however, I never had enough time to finish my projects like in 2012, more than 15 projects finished in one year, (but awful and slow animations), however, I am almost after the half finishing process, I included some amazing tracks I founded on YouTube and other sites, (some from DBZ, other remixes, or rock solos). Some animations are kind of strange because of the timeless processes I do. Thanks for all the subscribers and fans of my movies, art, and others. Thanks too much.

Copyright Announce

2015-06-01 17:35:05 by Alvc57

Okay, all for those people who think that in all my movies the characters or other related images, are from mine, they are not all from me. There is a list of the character that belongs to, (obviously Sonic, Tails and original characters belongs to SEGA):

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Amy, etc. - SEGA and Sonic Team

Demon Sonic - supershadow124 - (darkspiderman101 is only a user)

Seelkadoom - Midnightmaren

Aeon - BlackDevilX

Firen - guiru

Storm - VGMRulez

The character Skyric belongs to me, only the name and the skin color, the base design belongs to alex970001´s Dark Spine Sonic 2 design, that you can view on here:

Thanks, because some time ago, I got some problems with one of those users on the list. Respect Copyright from everyone!!!

This is not finish!


2014-03-30 15:24:15 by Alvc57

Sorry if I wasn´t active for some long time, but I need more time and a new computer for spend it up my stand on Newgrounds and other webs, so this year maybe I would be out for some time meanwhile I remain this.

So thanks to all for all your requests, I am not ready to be back, But I´ll be ready soon.

Formed Enemies Eps 4 - Trailer

2013-11-15 12:11:40 by Alvc57

Trailer has coming up to deviantART, if u want to see this, let´s take 2 this link:

Formed Enemies Eps 4 - Trailer


2013-10-26 13:35:12 by Alvc57

In this state I can´t make finish the episode 4 my computer is bad and don´t have time to personalize the movie so maybe I will give you a preview but now there is not condition 2 upload the eps. Maybe in February because my YouTube can not upload more than 15 minutes and my state will be the best in January.


Sorry, now by work in ep 8 remastered I can continue series, but the episode 4 will come. So, the episode 8 is erasing me time for end series at the last episode. Remember, episode 8 part 1, part 2 and part 3 are not the finish.

Formed Enemies Eps 8 P2 Remastered

2013-02-12 22:17:05 by Alvc57

Okay as you know the next episode is the 4 but I take the liberty to remake the episode 8 p2 that represent my old series. Now that episode will represent the remastered series. If you want to see the Official Trailer is now on Facebook: 2238141935

If you are confused by why I don´t upload the trailer on YouTube, because I need some Fans and suscriptions on Facebook.
(The user of Facebook Alvc57 is now available on Twitter.)

Formed Enemies Eps 8 P2 Remastered