Entry #14


2016-02-09 17:33:01 by Alvc57

Hi there Newgrounds, Ok, to be serious;

Thanks for all your support Followers, Watchers, Subscribers, to everybody thanks for your likes, ratings, and comments. You all made me a Sprite Animator that frequently improved myself.

This post is to notify, that I´m leaving (for now, not forever) the Flash Animations, I´ll still always upload some art if I have some free time. Now like the other people on the world, I´m entering on a new road in my life, some years of bachelorship, then the university.

I´ll be back. Thanks for all your support;

People of YouTube, DeviantArt, Newgrounds. - Alvc57


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2017-01-20 12:54:33

I wish you luck:)

Alvc57 responds:

Thanks :)