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Advanced Sonic Scene Creator V.3

10/9/12 by Alvc57
Updated 10/20/12

This news post have news, Advanced Sonic Scene Creator is back will be a new version of Advanced Sonic Scene Creator out in some months.


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I have seen some of your works, like FE and others. Not bad for the beginner. But if you've set the Alvin's throne as your aim, you've got to work harder. MUCH MORE harder than THAT. That's includes:
1.English Grammar
3.Caracter lines
4.Animation speed(no offence, but your fights are kinda slow, even compaired to Alvin's SMBZ ep.1)

Please, take this easy, I'm just trying to help you, bro.)))

When it will be released.

im not your fan but in the future yes

it will be awesome but add silver and more



all right